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If you think the location of the stars where when you were born, you can just stfu please

2022.01.25 11:48 Kingscrubs12 If you think the location of the stars where when you were born, you can just stfu please

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2022.01.25 11:48 TheEvilGhost Iran nuclear talks approaching dangerous impasse - UK's Truss

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2022.01.25 11:48 beccabroadbabe just wanted to say hi :)

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2022.01.25 11:48 BigChungusOP Let’s say your mind is a corridor lined with doors. What’s behind the last door at the far end?

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2022.01.25 11:48 egemenkarabay Mars Rover snaps a stunning photo.

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2022.01.25 11:48 shootingbot Midway: Hodgdon CFE BLK Smokeless Gun Powder

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2022.01.25 11:48 StickyPenisGrenade when someone make a joke for no reason

I hate people like you, who fucking say the hint of the joke super bluntly, while losing what actually made the joke funny. Somehow, actually worse then that, is that other idiots have given you some minuscule amount of respect. You do understand that when he said ‘her head game is strong’ he was implying that there was more than one way for her head game to be strong? Right? Are you a real person? Did you mean this? Were you going for something else and I’m the dumb and naive one?
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2022.01.25 11:48 leopardprint_tunic Where can I find old magazines?

My daughter is wanting to decorate and do crafts with old magazine ads, etc. Does anyone know where I could find some? Thanks!
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2022.01.25 11:48 lotapatas SLIB

This is no ordinary to me, offering real products and services is more than an investment. @soullibofficial #SLIB #soulliber #BSC #Matic #ETH #BTC
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2022.01.25 11:48 Best-Appeal-2568 $fartcoin is this for real?

so I came across this token on tik tok and decided to look into it cause tbh I didn't think it was real. as I got more involved with the community I realized holy hell this thing has potential as new as it is. so I decided to put a little BnB into it. and to my surprise, this thing is blowing up at safemonn speeds. its absolutely insane not saying you need to invest in it but I would at least take look at it ... its bcc token and its only like 5 days old ... ill post the discord link and website
Website: Fartcoin.us
discord link: https://discord.gg/BmcTdVfGmS
if your not into joining an amazing community il drop the contract address
Contract: 0xdfaa1f2ba4550a3f099ca26ac73e4e4f27cf5ca3
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2022.01.25 11:48 No_Fail_6947 What should Schaffrillas review more in March?

View Poll
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2022.01.25 11:48 ImnotSMock wait, so u don't know what karlson is????

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2022.01.25 11:48 Jester12a Ever seem a bee?

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2022.01.25 11:48 KaliyoD [WIP] Mermaid by Medusa dollmaker, kit from Geckorouge. App 32000 stitches, 17.6% done

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2022.01.25 11:48 Sensitive-Emu-5187 EDD moved closer!!

EDD was 1/27 - 2/24 ever since order date. A few days ago it shifted to 3/5 a 3/31… seemed to happed to many people. This morning it’s back to 2/11-2/25! Hopefully I’ll get my VIN soon.
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2022.01.25 11:48 williameryd 🔥 Wildfire Token - The FIRST Token with a Supply of ONE! | 🚀 Tiny Presale in 4 Days! | 🧠 Unique Idea and Tokenomics | 💰 Unique Burn Mechanism | 💎 Staking Platform Open at Launch!

Wildfire Token has a supply of just ONE token, shared between all holders, is hyper-deflationary, and aims to donate as much as possible to help those affected by wildfires across the world!
Our unique burn mechanism ensures that you will always be seeing profit, even when seeing sells!
💰 HUGE charity donations to help victims of wildfires, and mitigating them in the future.
1️⃣ Supply of just ONE token, shared between all holders!
🔐 Staking platform released at launch, with good APYs!
👋 Friendly team and community
🚀 Presale and Launch are both next week (dates below)!
🧠 Overview:
Every single Wildfire Token holder shares the singular token, highlighting the importance of unity to mitigate wildfires across the world, in the future, and help victims of them in the present.
With every transaction, 4% of it's value will be burned!
This, combined with our team's buy-backs, will ensure that the price of Wildfire will be constantly increasing!
Wildfire will have a total supply of just one token, shared between all holders, and no ability to mint more, ensuring that the supply will constantly be decreasing, increasing the value of the token with every transaction!
With record numbers of wildfires in 2021, we feel it is time to take action.
That is why we are donating to various charities helping victims of wildfires, and striving to mitigate them in the future.
💰 Tokenomics:
Tax (Buy & Sell): 10%
• Charity and Marketing: 5%
• Burned: 4%
• Staking Rewards: 1%
Supply: 1 (Fixed - No Mint Function)
Max Wallet: 0.02 WILDFIRE (2%)
🌐 Socials:
Telegram: https://t.me/wildfirebsc
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WildfireBSC
Website: https://wildfiretoken.io/
Whitepaper: https://wildfiretoken.io/whitepaper.pdf
⏰ Presale Date: 28th January at 19:00 UTC
⏰ Launch Date: 29th January at 19:00 UTC (24 Hours After)
(Countdown: https://wildfiretoken.io/#Countdown)
💎 Analysts claim that Wildfire Token will grow over 100x from launch!
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2022.01.25 11:48 warmerBruder Can someone explain what the deal with Ngannou and the UFC is?

I am sorry, I missed the whole trivia on this one.
I know it us about fighter's pay. But what is the actual history of the beef and how are they interlinked to Stipe Miocic and Tito Ortiz?
Also a reminder that we always shout at Dana but remember he is just a minor owner of the UFC
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2022.01.25 11:48 MacpedMe Japanese arty batch finished

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2022.01.25 11:48 StudioWaterzooi A robot generated this meme. Not my opinion :)

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2022.01.25 11:48 Ajawad87 It do be like that

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2022.01.25 11:48 xXThrowaway_FriendXx In continuities where both Peter and Miles are spider-man (both alive) do they have different names for their super hero personas?

Peter parker is Spider-Man.
Miles Moralies is also Spider-Man and in a different suit.
Sometimes peter dies and Miles is left to be Spider-Man, but sometimes they don't.

Are there seperate names for both citizens and people they team up with can tell which is which?
Can't use their real names obviously, are they "Spider-Men"? I've heard Miles reffered to jokingly as "Spider-Black" due to his ethnicity and suit colour. But do they have proper names to distinguish the two Spider-mans?
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2022.01.25 11:48 JFKennedyHadAClone I have retinal exam tommorow. A few answers i need

Firstly i have visual snow symptoms such as, after images, palinopsia, excessive floaters, static vision, severe BFEP, Ghosting, Starburst, glare. Purkinje tree phenomena.
I've light sensitivity. They told me they're going to dilate my pupils in order to see my retina, but wouldn't that make my eyes hell of light sensitive? And would my symptoms go worse after that, and what if there isn't any visual snow just my retina has some disease that caused all these things. Am just so anxious and depressed over these things. Thank you for your answers, <3
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2022.01.25 11:48 Parking-Text621 Join the (public) free account

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2022.01.25 11:48 dzex බක් ඇතිට ගේන්

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2022.01.25 11:48 Electrical_Bunch187 I have a legit shiny shinx to trade for another shiny

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