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[16M] hey wanna be friends? [Friendship]

2022.01.25 10:09 GodofWar_1 [16M] hey wanna be friends? [Friendship]

Hi, I’m looking for someone available to invest in a long term friendship. Someone to text with everyday, and call too some time. It is one of my core values in a friendship to work things out.
That being said if you wonder, my interests are reading, my favorite book is game of thrones; listening to music; genres that go from classical to classic rocks to pop, playing video games; Minecraft, EU4, and CK2 on pc. I also speak three languages, and have some lovely pets.
I’m not looking to talk to anyone in particular, other than what I just said, I want someone as friendly as I strive to be.
I’m an open person, and a fast replier, so dm me. Thank you, and hope to see you there
In another life, I will make you stay.
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2022.01.25 10:09 ihateithere96 I miss summer ☀️

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2022.01.25 10:09 Zoobs_The_Cool_Fox I don’t know if he is real I just think he’s just a friend of mine pretending to be him

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2022.01.25 10:09 BubsyFanboy Sejmowa komisja zajmie się wnioskiem o uchylenie immunitetu Marianowi Banasiowi

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2022.01.25 10:09 wilgarfred Aki will be on Muteki Class again today

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2022.01.25 10:09 OkeyIhaveNoIdea My (30F) acquaintance(26M) is behaving weird.

I befriended a work colleague that I worked with for a year and 4 months. After that he found a new job. He was my subordinate but I'm on friendly terms with people so it didn't felt that way. He wanted to progress his career and he was transparent about it.
We were talking a lot after work and I started to think we are getting closer together. I actually helped him with his career a lot, i employed him when he couldn't find a job for months (he was a friend of a friend). I hoped that we can become close friends when his off the company as it would remove this official layer from our relationship.
But since he left his behaving weird. Sometimes he stays silent for like a week, then he randomly sends a meme. Sometimes we have longer conversations but sometimes he cuts this short. Sometimes he is mean to me (I said a joke and he just sent a meme with "whatever" text). I got Covid last week and he didn't once asked how I feel, although he made a monologue about me not understanding how vaccines work after I asked him whether he got his dose.
So I wonder whether he just wanted to use me for career? But then why he keep message me? Last week he thought I blocked him on FB and wrote about this - I just paused my account. Why would he care if he doesn't want to do anything with me?
TL;Dr a guy I worked with was my friend or so I thought and now he behaves like he doesn't want to know me but not always.
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2022.01.25 10:09 captain21XX Blursed_Flush

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2022.01.25 10:09 Potential_Stay_4766 People who confronted other abusive/toxic people how did it go?

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2022.01.25 10:09 myrcea Yeah but

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2022.01.25 10:09 obfuscatorobfuscator Hack with spendable stat points

I am creating a PBtA hack in a gritty setting. I am entertaining the following idea and would like to know, what reddit thinks of this.
Characters have stats, but they have multiple consecutive values. Each stat also has a stress-meter and a consequence meter (more about that in another post). The stress meter has as many boxes, as the stat has values (each value has one stress box. Like so:

Might: 3, 2, 1, 0, -1 
Endurance: [] [] [] [] Wound: ___________
Finesse: 2, 1, 0, -1 Discipline: [] [] [] Impediment: ___________ and so on 
Now, when you make a move you spend one of your values (marking the according stress) and cannot use this value again, until you have regenerated the stress.
Okay, this helps sharing the spotlight with every character, since the "best guy" for the job will eventually run out of good values to use, so another one can take over. The goal of this mechanic is to increase teamwork. But it introduces a new problem: Players refrain from having their characters take action, to save up good values until the situation becomes dire. So there is this system for XP:
When you make camp (a move somewhat like in Dungeon World) you regenerate one stress of each stat (this increases the use of multiple stats, so characters don't solve everything with their go-to-solution, ie. force). Then the group sums the amount of regenerated stress and splits it equally through the party members, each gaining as much XP. Two reasons for this: 1. You need to do something to get better, so characters don't hold back. 2. I don't like some characters getting more XP than others. It also might help characters pushing the spotlight to other characters. I hope this will not create too much meta-thinking.
What do you think?
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2022.01.25 10:09 NthBrick Just curious...

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2022.01.25 10:09 Whole_Letter_5700 Many people ask riotphlox, hey when will the rework of rengar be? but never ask. Hey riotphlox are you okay?

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2022.01.25 10:09 NoraVines Feeling kinda pretty hiiiii

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2022.01.25 10:09 Substantial_Fish6717 Just moved to new house, neighbour threatened my kids - England

So, I just moved in a few weeks ago. Detached house.
I am a session guitar player on the side and do some home recordings on my DIY home studio. Did some recordings during the day for a few days.
This morning, next door this male neighbour knocks on my door, welcomes me to the neighbourhood, make some small talk, etc.
Then he mentions my guitar playing and says that he has a very fussy kid that gets woken up when I play during her afternoon nap. I am sympathetic, of course, and kindly tell him that I'm sorry she gets woken up, and suggest that if he tells me what time she usually sleeps, I can surely try my best no to play at those times, which is, in my view, a gesture of goodwill, given that this is a detached house and I don't play very loud (my wife would shout at me before neighbour would), I doubt it gets loud enough to wake anyone up as I wont even wake my own kids up.
That's when it gets crazy: he tells me that his daughter is disabled and that "it would be a shame if anything happens to my kids that will make them be disabled too!"
At which point I see red, and lose it and proceed to shove him out of my door and out of my driveway. During this trajectory, I wanted so much punch his face, but I somehow manage to restrain myself and instead just slap him as not to leave proof of the beating. I know it was wrong of me to do that and all the neighbours saw what happened anyway.
When I stop to shove him away, he gets up and runs to his flat. Haven't heard anything from him yet.
A few minutes ago another neighbour knocks on my door and says they are sorry to have seen what happened and tells me that this neighbour is a a bit weird is not well liked in the neighbourhood, but have never seen him do anything that would warrant a beating.
After I explain what happened she is in complete shock and tells me that she would probably lose it worse than I did, and then tells me that this neighbour doesn't even have a kid!
I am beyond baffled. Never had anything even remotely insane happen to me.
Right after she left, I called police and told them what happened ( I did say that I shoved him out of my door, but didn't mention that I slapped and dragged him through my driveway) They said they will send someone over today.
I have no intention of denying the "beating" if it comes up, but should I get ahead and tell them this myself?
Where do I stand on this? Surely they will take his threat to my kids more seriously than some slapping around?
To be honest, I don't regret doing this and wish I had done worse, I agree that I may have gone too far, but I was blinded by rage.
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2022.01.25 10:09 Bri_x90 Looking for new work with no references

I quit a job I was at for 2 years with great references for a new job which I’ve been at now for close to a year. Both jobs that I had are/were extremely stressful and effecting my health greatly right now as I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. I’m so desperate to quit this current job and finding something more better suited for me, but I know no one at my current job would act as a reference for me, and I’m not sure what to do. I’m applying to other jobs but haven’t gotten any callbacks yet, what do I do when it comes to the references? I feel awkward asking a job from a year ago if these co workers would still be okay to be my reference, so I’m not sure if that’s the only option I’d have here…
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2022.01.25 10:09 CryptoBumGuy ARCC is going from 88 Billion to 888 Million with their token swap and new ARCC pools coming soon to Yieldly.

That's one hell of a burn. Fill your bags because the price will go bananas.
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2022.01.25 10:09 desuGun- Scratched my i30 (Elantra) N Line Sedan front bumper, how much $ am I looking at? :(

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2022.01.25 10:09 sunshinesontv Are these PSU readings ok? Also weird RGB light behavior

I have a 5950x on a Dark Hero motherboard. I currently only have a 3070 but bought a Corsair RM1000x (2015 model) as it would allow easy upgrades to whatever Nvidia comes out with.
I know software readings are far from accurate but I believe they should give a decent understanding of any potential issues.
While pure idle in the BIOS or Windows (hwinfo64) my 12v rail is showing 11.984v
However, any slight change in load such as moving the mouse or a program requesting data (I guess) puts it to 11.928v.
During a game it shows it can dip to 11.872v. What I don't understand is this is when the 3070 was drawing over 200w and the CPU about 70w. During an all core cinebench run the rail goes to 11.816v
I know stock the 5950x can draw about 135w so how on earth is the 12v rail lower than when a 3070 is sipping more power?
Another weird behavior that initially led me to check this stuff. When the PC is shut down the keyboard rgb, the white start button led on the motherboard and the i/o cover rog rgb is still active.
The problem is this also happens when the switch at the wall socket is turned off... it only goes off if I switch the plug off at the back of the PSU. From then it doesn't matter if I have it on at the wall socket or not, no lights will shine. How on earth is the board getting power from a socket that's not on?
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2022.01.25 10:09 SceneCareful8956 Anyone knows how to get octane render or redshift for free ?

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2022.01.25 10:09 RoleProfessional9131 I’m going to keep it a buck scump will retire mid season or at the end after realising he’s not at the level to win any more

I’m sorry but if we don’t win with this team then he’s the problem , imagine we had a standy or pred with the other 3 Jesus Christ wed be near unstoppable
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2022.01.25 10:09 jakedobson The hardest part of the Jayson Tatum grind is keeping the will to live sitting through so many pack animations

Seriously 2K why tf does amethyst Glen Davis need a shake?
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2022.01.25 10:09 Zenith_714 Wesa gonna start a galactic genocide!

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2022.01.25 10:09 IdleBridle New gyno solution?

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2022.01.25 10:09 Ashamed_Ad4901 What is a family secret you Discovered that completing made you rethink everything ?

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2022.01.25 10:09 anonkira007 People of reddit specially men how do you deal with betrayal, how to stop those thoughts and move on in life?

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