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2021.10.20 22:43 DoyleMedina19 beavis and butthead Love It

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2021.10.20 22:43 throw_away_2976 I don’t know what to do anymore

I’m probably gonna delete this after a while just incase.
15M, throughout my entire childhood I was underneath my step-fathers and moms thumb. I was physically and verbally abused on a constant daily basis till the bastard died when I was 13. The whole time my mom watched and didn’t care or participated in it. I can’t even list everything he did out of hatred of my existence because it would take too long but that’s not what I’m here for. The problem is my mom now. After her husband died, we had a rocky relationship with frequent physical and verbal fights. She would say horrible things to me about how much of a horrible son I was, how she wouldn’t care if I kill myself, how if she really didn’t matter to me then I should just get the fuck out and go live with my dad (she’d never let me do). Dad’s the only good parent I really have but he only has partial custody for summers and even then my mom can keep me with her as long as she wants through that period. What is making me so conflicted about leaving at all is this entire year since I turned 15. She suddenly stopped arguing with me, bought me a lot of expensive gifts, started treating me nice, just being a good parent. It’s shellshocking to me. I can remember certain days and fights from last year an what happened and it’s a completely different person. But I still hate her. Every time I hear her voice calling me or look at her face I feel rage slowly creeping over me. I never stay near her for too long so she doesn’t see me angry or hear it in my voice. I barely speak to her and give her short responses cuz of this. I don’t even know how she perceives me anymore. I can never tell if she’s overly attached (she never wants me to leave our state, is trying to make me go to college and stay here in my home town, and stay in the house until my twenties), or if she fuckin hates me and wants nothing more than to see me leave and never come back because I’m not the kid she wanted. Like maybe she’s doing all this to just satisfy me an then I’ll go away.
I don’t see many options ahead of me. I know I’m gonna probably drop out of high school in the future. I can’t stand to live here anymore no matter what she gives me. I still feel like an outsider to her and her kids after all this time. I don’t know if I should run away before I’m 18, move out as soon as I turn 18 like many have advised me to do, or just give up and stay up here because it’s not like I have any talent or skill that’s gonna save me. I can’t do anything. I am just a mediocre vocalist whose band-mates and only friends live thousands of miles across the country. I don’t know what to do anymore. For months I’ve been stuck and trapped in my mind not sure of anything. All I know is my inactivity and not doing anything will be my downfall and keep me here which I don’t want. But I don’t know what to do. I still can’t get a job, I haven’t gotten anything back on my driving test crap, I don’t know how to do any adult things, and I’m not sure if police will still be after my ass after I turn 18 if I do decide to run away when it’s time. All I know is I can’t stand to live like this anymore. Day in and day out I feel like I’m wasting time and I don’t have much left till it’s too late and I’ll be at a point where I let my life go on without me. I have three years, maybe less to decide what I’m gonna do. I just don’t know and I’m scared to take a leap of faith for myself. I don’t know where to start or even if these are my only options left.
(I can’t talk to her. I’ve tried before. Didn’t get me anywhere. I know that it’s completely pointless and not an option. I’m not even going to try for that option. I can’t move in with my dad. Even if I somehow managed to convince her to let me I know she’d be constantly on my ass regardless.)
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2021.10.20 22:43 GoldorPenny New dad who needs advice

My baby boy is 2 weeks old and I have been trying to help as much as possible, but my wife says I stress her out. I have been trying to keep her on a schedule of changing him , pumping/breast feeding (every 2-3 hours), burping him, and laying him down to sleep in that order. We have a pretty easy baby in that he doesn’t cry unless one of those 3 things needs to be done (consistently true). So I keep telling her to stick to that schedule.
The unfortunate thing is that even when he is sleeping she feels the need to be right there - she has skipped out on meals at times, not used the bathroom when she’s needed to, or even not slept. Here’s the kicker - I’m there helping watch him/change/feed etc. but she still won’t go into the other room to do any of the self-care things. This has caused a lot of stress and arguments. I want her to take care of herself and I get stressed when she doesn’t then she gets stressed that I’m getting upset at her over that and it turns into a cycle.
Has anyone gone through anything like this/know of any good resources? I just want her to be able to rest and take care of herself and let me help but she’s so worried and overly protective of him that it’s hard to get her to do self care.
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2021.10.20 22:43 BLACKKFOLKKS 😂😂😂

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2021.10.20 22:43 efranklin13 [Highlight] Morant weaves through the Cavaliers defense and throws a no look behind the back pass to Kyle Anderson for the 3

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2021.10.20 22:43 Heimskr_The_Wise Er að hugsa um að planta tré í garðinum á bóndabænum okkar, enn mig langar í eitthvað annað enn íslensk tré, eru einhver erlendis tré sem geta lifað í umhverfinu okkar sem ég get plantað. (Bærinn er à norðvesturlandi)

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2021.10.20 22:43 Neat-Journalist-4261 Just killing people. Everyday, normal murder, sometimes with weird stuff like a deer antler, mostly with my bare hands.

I would never do it but I think about it constantly. Sex too. I’m always thinking about banging or murder, it’s very caveman-ish, and I want it to stop
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2021.10.20 22:43 Matsuuuuu69420 This movie is absolutely great ngl

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2021.10.20 22:43 BIGZAYKING Indie Developer Internship Competition

Ash The Protector of Ignicity
Hey everyone. I am posting the link for a game my team and I made for an internship. If you could please take a minute out of your day to watch the trailer. If you enjoyed it or are interested in the game please like the trailer to help my team and I in the final competition!!
Thank you!
I am currently in an internship with an indie game development studio called MoonRift Entertainment. They gave us the challenge of building a 3-D platformer in 6 weeks. With a team of three others besides me, it was a large task for us to complete but I’m very proud of what we accomplished!
Again if you could please watch the trailer and like the post if you enjoyed it I would really appreciate it.
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2021.10.20 22:43 ImTheEnigma Yeah timers for dungeons is monkey brained

Whoever time capped dungeons has no idea what is going on that is just moronic man why do that?
I joined in to help some friends after they had trouble with a dungeon and had to kill a boss on lazarus and we are about to finish boss and we hit a random 1 minute timer
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2021.10.20 22:43 JakeZero69 I’m pretty sure most Teenage boys wouldn’t wanna be caught dead with those kinds of wings

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2021.10.20 22:43 awkwardly_normal What small change do you think would have the largest impact on the world?

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2021.10.20 22:43 TomAto314 I quit the game for 8 hrs while I slept. Why are you still playing and what did I miss?

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2021.10.20 22:43 Disillusioned_Pleb01 Wealth taxes would raise up to £86bn a year and ‘rebuild Britain’, report by Labour MPs says

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2021.10.20 22:43 CheesecakeFar4043 Join plis

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2021.10.20 22:43 AffectionateLettuce6 Advice on North Thorncliffe Park/North East Leaside area

Hi all,
Just wanted some input from anyone who is familiar with the above-mentioned areas. I'm looking into a couple condos/townhouses on Vanderhoof Ave/Aerodrome Cres. The area is appealing to me as it's relatively close to my work, the LRT is expected to be complete sometime soon and the completion of the Camrost Feldcorp building makes the area seem almost up and coming. My major concern is the overall location given the amount of industrial properties in close proximity and from what i've heard there seems to be somewhat of negative stigma to the Thorncliffe Park area.
Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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2021.10.20 22:43 Enthusiasticshark476 Why must OP mean two things on Reddit (Original poster, Over powered) it's so confusing. Surely there was another acronym available?

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I think I’m over but I’m making a neon so 🥲
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2021.10.20 22:43 post_hazanko Leaves A7R3 and Sony 35mm

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2021.10.20 22:43 universesalutes "How are you?"

Why does this question make me crumble every time? It's almost jarring to me in a way. The weight of my mental health problems just flashes before my eyes. I feel this sort of...intense shame? My heart starts beating like crazy too. I experience the same when people ask me how my weekend was. Why am I like this :( I know generally people aren't expecting real answers, and a lot of people keep it short. But I can't always do that, especially at work. People want to talk and connect more. The thing is I don't do anything with my life other than work, eat, and sleep. You know, the basics. I try my best to survive. I generally have nothing to say due to anhedonia which makes it so much harder. To most, my life is shockingly empty but it's been that way for so long and I don't know how to change due to my circumstances. I have hope that things will improve someday but it's still difficult. Recently I got a new supervisor at work and she's such a talker, we meet biweekly and she always asks the dreaded questions: "How are you!? How was your weekend?" But in such an intense way that makes my skin crawl every time. We typically have at least 5-10 minutes of small talk during those meetings. I have managed to get through them and act normal but inside I feel VERY panicked. I don't know what to do, I'm even considering leaving this job for this reason alone even though I've been here for a couple of years already. I wish I was a bit more normal, these are easy basic questions for most people. But to me they feel so invasive. I don't want to lie either and make stuff up, but I feel that if my supervisor finds out how boring and empty I am she will somehow start viewing me in a negative light. I can deal with that in all honesty, but I don't want her to hate me and for that reason, make things difficult for me at work. She can be straightforward in an intense way in general, which is why this is eating me up so much. Just needed to vent this but if anyone has any advice I'm all ears.
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2021.10.20 22:43 Wavy_gracie Anyone else?

Sometimes, my inner elbow hurts really bad when I move it. It’s hard to explain but it just feels like I have a bunch of rubber bands around it restricting my movement and hurting when I move… ugh idk if that makes sense. This happens a lot and tbh I don’t know if it’s my fibro or my arthritis. I currently can not move it at all because it’s gotten gradual worse today :/ I’m walking around with it bent. Anyway, does anyone else feel this? And what do you do? I can’t rub it it makes it worse.
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2021.10.20 22:43 jaberwocky789 Blue River Road

Anyone know the story behind why Blue River Road is closed from Hickmon Mills and other areas along the southern corridor? It seems like it has sat untouched for 5+ years. It could be a good no auto stretch of road bikes like Cliff Drive. It’s always intrigued me as to why this stretch of scenic road is shuttered with barricades and more.
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2021.10.20 22:43 fxbuttermilk Safemoonwhaleslive down? Any other good sites that track wallet activity ?

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2021.10.20 22:43 CletusMotou Deltarune Chapter 2 crossover fanart by my little brother, age 10

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2021.10.20 22:43 Exciting_Painting706 3080ti FTW3 Flight Simulator TOD 400 Performance

Having fun with awesome new graphics details in flight simulator 2020 on my PC. TOD 400 (Terrain Level of Detail) was just added to Flight Simulator Update 6 as a regular menu selection. Ultra preset is TOD 200, so this so is a huge upgrade. Draw distance is extended so you can see more detail further away.
4K High End Preset, TOD 100, GPU VRAM used: 6.9 GB (varies), 53 - 58 FPS high density city
4K Ultra Preset, TOD 200, GPU VRAM used: 7.7 GB, 40 - 45 FPS high density city
4K Ultra Preset + TOD 400 , GPU VRAM used: 9.2 GB, 35 - 41 FPS high density city
Note: Numbers vary depending on a lot of things like altitude, speed and city density. GPU temperature was about 68 degrees for all three settings.
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