AnnCoulter: RT @JamesEHiggins: "Molotov cocktails" are weapons of actual insurrection / civil war. These two progressive lawyers used Molotov cocktails against police. Lock them up. Throw away the key.

2021.10.20 23:27 reddit_feed_bot AnnCoulter: RT @JamesEHiggins: "Molotov cocktails" are weapons of actual insurrection / civil war. These two progressive lawyers used Molotov cocktails against police. Lock them up. Throw away the key.

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2021.10.20 23:27 TeflonMaskBell Post-Apocalyptic Warrior Cutie

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2021.10.20 23:27 Playswith_squirrel iCloud vs iPhone vs iPad storage

I have a 13PM 1TB and an iPad Air 64gb. Before I go through the trouble migraine hundreds of photos from google to iCloud, I have a question. I know that uploading photos to iCloud will then take space off my iPhone reducing the 1TB to maybe 800gb or so. Will it also use ipad storage and reduce my 64gb?
I still don’t totally understand why I clod works the way it does. Seems like double dipping storage to reduce my 2tb cloud storage AND reducing my iPhone local storage.
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2021.10.20 23:27 TraditionalGoal422 FetusFloki 🐶| Fair Launch today | High Potential Safe Token | Dev on Voicechat

A new Floki is being born. FetusFloki is inspired by the 50% growth rate of a fetus in one week and has established itself as a fastest growing token on the BSC network.
🌎 Website:
FetusFloki, which has already attracted the attention of investors with its catchy name, has a long-term roadmap and marketing strategy. As fast as its name, Fetusfloki completed the first step of the marketing phase has already been listed in the CoinMarketCap, Coinecko, Coinhunt.
As FetusFloki completes embryo fetal development,
✳️ Fairlaunch today
FetusFloki token features;
Buyback function is turned on, tokens are bought back from the market, resulting in an immediate effect on the price. In this way, Fetus Floki grows rapidly. The tokens bought through buyback are immediately burned. This creates a true burn, meaning real value is exchanged for the tokens that are sent to the burn wallet.
3% of every transaction is transformed into liquidity for Pancakeswap. It’s automatic and helps create a price floor (stability). Two percent of each transaction is distributed to holders. Holders earn more.
Initial Liquidity Provided will be locked with DXLock for more than 1 year. The contract is being audited by Techrate and CertiK (In progress).
Three percent of each transaction is collected in the marketing wallet, and all the money in this wallet is spent on advertising. This way, more people will hear Fetus Floki and more people will earn money.
💴 Tokenomics 💴
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 $FetusFloki Hyper Deflationary Token Initial Liquidity 25 BNB
💰 Tax: 7%
1% Goes to Buyback 1% Marketing Wallet 2% Rewards to Holders 3% to Liquidity Pool (LP)
🌎 Website: 🏷️ Contract Address: 0x167f9e0be6bbcc32c3592ebdb4f7e5bb0e60baaf
🍰 Pancakeswap:
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.20 23:27 JadedProduct9068 I think we don’t show enough love for the employees who work at GameStop or share our many positive experiences! Let’s send morale through the roof! I’ll go first!

So, I preordered the OLED Switch (my first Nintendo product since the 64. I’m a PC gamer) the minute preorders went live on the GameStop app. I got it, but wanted the extra protection with a screen protector, so I went to my local store to see if they had any. Alas, they didn’t have any, so the helpful employee said that she would write my number down and call me as soon as they got some in. I’d been waiting about 10 days since then when I thought they had forgotten about me when the same employee called me up and said she set one aside for me to come pick up! I went in a few hours later after work and they still had one for me!
Yet another customer-delighting experience from my favorite company!
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2021.10.20 23:27 VdeVampiro European dumpster diving

Does anyone here would have tips for dumpster diving in Europe?
Names of markets that I could have a better chance
Countries that it is illegal, countries that lots of food are wasted...
I am going to backpack and I don't have much money, so dumpster diving is something I have been studying, but most of the information is about USA
Thanks in advancd
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2021.10.20 23:27 BrigitteGatlin ShibFuel | Poocoin banners submitted and funded | Community Token | Doxxed Team💬 | Going for 1 Million MC | Live on Pancakeswap

First thing to do is join the official ShibFuel Telegram here
Second grab the official contract address here: 0x36c77700eff806BaE46548DA06B442cB37698c6A
Third thing is to go to pancakeswap and get a bag of ShibFuel so you can go to the moon
Now Welcome to ShibFueL⚡️
Full of energy, power, health, and a mission. ShibFueL is a token designed to bring the power and energy to people through an energy drink. A healthier energy drink than one you’ve seen in the market. Packed full with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and natural caffeine to bring those early risers up, and prevent crashing with its natural ingredients. ShibFueL doesn’t stop there! There are multiple, top secret product lines we have already designed, ready to be released✅ These products will be announced to the public through each phase of our roadmap!
Earn ShibFueL mystery boxes! 📦
A new feature of utility being added to ShibFueL which will be implemented very soon. Is the ShibFueL mystery boxes 📦?
Hold a certain amount of ShibFueL for a certain amount of time and earn mystery boxes filled with anything from a ShibFueL energy drink, merchandise all the way up to some very expensive and prized NFTs! 👀
Bring out the Shiba with-inU 💪🏻
5 flavors:
1 Q total supply
40% Initial burn🔥
55% purchasable for presale and pancake 💰
5% team wallet (90% locked for 30 days. After the 30 days, the re-lock is evaluated based on new working members and a community vote.)
Why ShibFueL?
⁃ Experienced and DOXXED Devs ✅
⁃ Personal product designer hired on staff
⁃ Multiple influencers ready from the start! ✅
⁃ Personal marketer with 6 years experience hired on staff 🚀
⁃ Marketing material (videos, banner ads, custom photos and more) created daily. Marketing at our fingertips.
⁃ Earn mystery boxes 📦 ( details coming soon!)
⁃ Multiple Product lines already designed and waiting to be released to the public🔥 (Innovative drinks of many types, merchandise, drink flavors, etc..)
⁃ Trustworthy team who have been rugged just like a lot of you have.
⁃ Large marketing wallet to get the real marketing started as soon as possible😍 (Very important)
⁃ 100% SAFU. Guaranteed✅
Join ShibFueL and Bring out the Shiba with-inu💪🏻
Contract Address ✅ 0x36c77700eff806BaE46548DA06B442cB37698c6A
Telegram 💬
Website 🌐
Twitter 🐦
Reddit ✅
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2021.10.20 23:27 reddit_feed_bot AnnCoulter: RT @JDVance1: This is embarrassing. I’m embarrassed to be represented by these people.

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2021.10.20 23:27 Impressive-raccoon8 How should I repot this abuse in the family?

My sister [17] told me that Sofia [15], the daughter of one of our cousins, Diane [31], had been SA by her uncle Sergio [19] when she was little.
My sister and Sofia were talking about what Sergio did to one of our cousins [23] a couple of years ago. He had been involved with selling drugs and had been skipping school so much there was no point on staying on High school so his mom, my aunt Olive, decided to send him away from his friends to another city with another aunt and our cousin. After just a couple of weeks of being in their home my cousin found his phone in her closing recording her after she came out of the shower. He planted it there to film her naked. Fortunately she found the phone before he got it back, deleted the video, search for more videos and couldn't find anything else. She was alone with him at the moment so she locked herself in her room until her mom came home. She disclosed it to her mom to which my aunt's reaction was to just sent him away somewhere else, he stayed there for 2 more days before he was sent away. My aunt explained what happened to my aunt Olive a few months later, to which my aunt just stopped talking to my cousin and my aunt for a few months. While discussing this incident Sofia told my sister that she totally believe our cousin, my sister asked do you think he has done it before? and she said yes I walked in on him and her cousin doing things, the girl was around 3 at the time. She explained to my sister that she immediately knew what they were doing because he had done it to her when she was little as well. He would tell them what to do, the 3 yo little girl obviously would not have known how to do anything like that unless it was forced or done to her. Sofia said she had never said that to anyone before as she had tried really hard to forget that it ever happened, she also never told anyone what she saw him doing.
My aunt Olive, Diane, and the little girl's mom ,my cousin Lizbeth, have a very high opinion about Sergio even though he has had failure and disappointment all his short life. They did not change his opinion about him even after my other cousin accused him of peeping on her. They honestly just think he is a great person and a victim of bad women. Shortly after he went back he got an older girl pregnant and they now have an infant daughter. From several nieces, a younger sister, cousins, daughter, he is surrounded by young girls and little girls. I am afraid they all are in imminent danger right now.
I talked to Sofia about it today and try to convince her to talk to her mom about what happened to her and what she witnessed but she is so scared her family will turn on her and won't believe her that she doesn't want to say anything. She is too scared to talk. I know I need to report this, but they live in a different state, I don't even know all of their addresses. I also don't want to make her feel forced to do something that could potentially traumatize her even more. I told her to not feel scared and that I won't go tell her mom behind her back. But I also know this needs to be known ASAP.
Please help, I don't now how to handle this so I don't further the damage already caused by Sergio.
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2021.10.20 23:27 Nfd1993 World is Under Maintenance? My friend is on the same server and is playing just fine but I can't get back in. Any others seeing this issue?

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2021.10.20 23:27 CryptooGuide How And Where To Buy BORA (BORA) - Step By Step Guide

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2021.10.20 23:27 JazzLover_OceanView Ouch!

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2021.10.20 23:27 iAccidental Wanting to start a post punk band

Hey everyone! I’m looking to start a post punk band of some sort. I can either play bass or guitar but I cannot sing or drum lol. Some of my big influences are Joy Division, IDLES, Gang of Four, Bauhaus, The Cure, etc. really wanting to go for that specific type of sound. Simple, steady, and dark sound. PM or reply if interested!
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2021.10.20 23:27 c-park Level-up your career through trades training

Since there was a lot of discussion about it in the thread about people no longer working minimum wage jobs, I wanted to start a new post just about trades training.
Basically, if you are looking to upgrade your career but don't want to slog through 4 expensive years of university, you should seriously consider trades. Some major benefits off the top of my head:

Myself, I started an electrical apprenticeship in my mid 30s with zero previous tool experience, about 10 years ago now. Once I finished my pre-app and started working, I was already making more than the job that I left. Not only have I made good money as an electrician, but exposure to the trades has made me much handier around the house to where I'm now comfortable doing stuff like a full bathroom reno or building a shed.
I also really like the work. I like the variety in the people I work with, the variety in places I visit for work, and I like having something actually done and built at the end of the day.
Anyway, just wanted to start a little discussion on the topic, I'm happy to answer any questions that I can, but I am just an electrician in BC so not necessarily familiar with how other trades or other provinces operate.
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2021.10.20 23:27 lordfjord_ To be fair, I did over-boil them. The purple carrot's juice was clearly the strongest

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2021.10.20 23:27 Maleficent-Try8088 Jeep life

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2021.10.20 23:27 bluekingblue What is the worst or funniest name/object/animal you have been called?

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2021.10.20 23:27 jamesjimothyhalpert Dynasty 12 Man Half PPR SuperFlex

View Poll
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2021.10.20 23:27 WiseRead3930 ⚡$Pswap | PigeonSwap Token now on Pancakeswap | Buy & Hold it for Passive Rewards | 12% Auto-LP + Stake Rewards

PIGEONSWAP - The first Defi protocol full based on generating liquidity. A boosted Auto-LP feature that keeps price up by time passing, this will also bring up the Bnb amount in the PSWAP pool where you can earn just by holding pswap LP tokens.
Check Whitepaper on the official website for detailed information about tokenomics, rewards, asset allocation and token creation. We also provide a custom-token creation service on our website! You can purchase it by reaching us to our official email
⚡Tot Supply PSWAP ⚡12% auto-LP ⚡Stake Rewards
☘LUCKY DRAW 5 $PSWAP prize every week! Hold more than 3 $PSWAP to partecipate!
How to partecipate?

⚡Contract: 0xc2f2498623dad75ffcc2a3c391e808552b1ba3e0
⚡Pancakeswap :
⚡Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.20 23:27 Born_Cartoonist_6666 Im new at this...

I just loaded up a fresh bowl, I've only maybe smoked 10 by myself... and anyways, I'm heating it up, and hit it too early, and inhaled like 3 or 4 little salt rock size shards... so fucking disguising. LOL wont ever do that again...
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2021.10.20 23:27 CriticalLibrarian670 Sora's Bonus Track for Smash Ultimate

Has anyone figured out how to get the Dearly Beloved track for Smash Ultimate on Yuzu? I've just tested it myself with Melody of Memory but it seems Yuzu doesn't look through to check the save files. Is there maybe an extra file I can load into it? Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
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2021.10.20 23:27 tom_yacht Is there any Web-UI software could let user download a folder, or archive them in advance?

I am hosting a torrent client for my friends. The annoying part is I have to zip the files they want to download manually.
Is there any solution for this? I am expecting some kind of Web-UI fike browser with compress feature, or zip on-the-fly, or better both. Zip on-the-fly sounds good, but I am not sure if the download can be resumed.
Files are ranging from small to 100GB. So I need something fast and reliable.
Thank you!!
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2021.10.20 23:27 Johnbmtl Adjusting iPhone Flash Intensity

Is there any way to adjust the intensity of the iPhone’s flash?
I’d like to be able to use it as a filler flash to eliminate shadows.
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2021.10.20 23:27 One_Zebra_4547 this kid is real hardcore!!

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2021.10.20 23:27 Successful_Berry_345 Code 1511 4205 2423 comment name join ASAP be online inviting 10

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