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So Emma has a social disease

2021.10.20 23:32 Such-Comment5642 So Emma has a social disease

But didn't she kiss another guy and spinner like if it goes away after awhile but it's never brought up again
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2021.10.20 23:32 RobloxTrillionBoi actual rem finalie

srry if CoHP skipped the finalie :(
View Poll
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2021.10.20 23:32 Connect-Pen-9837 great server!

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2021.10.20 23:32 B_D_Rick Australia Should Change Laws to Accommodate Crypto, Senate Report Says

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2021.10.20 23:32 PressTurn Was that scene really necessary? (Ted Lasso S2 First Episode Spoilers)

So to be clear, I adore Ted Lasso. I basically saw the entire first season in an afternoon because I got hooked and couldn't stop. I decided to wait on the second season until it was similarly all done before I watched it, and the other day a friend reminded me that it's all out now so I can and should tune in.
So I started it today.
Now, admittedly I am a squeamish person, and generally more susceptible to things setting me off than the average person (I assume). But I still don't really like the whole dead puppy plot point. I don't know; over the last couple of years, we got a puppy of our own and I love that thing more than anything else in the world, and I guess I just cannot stand the thought of anything happening to any dog (really, any animal, but especially dogs) after that. And I have to admit that scene messed me up.
Again, I get why they did it - I even get the plot and character things they are going for. But I wish they had gone about it literally any other way, because that just really tripped me up. The first season was one of the coziest, comfiest, most feel good things I had ever seen. And while Ted himself still brings that energy, as do most of the other characters really, that one scene did fuck me up more than I'd like to admit lol.
I don't know why they did it. I can only hope there's nothing similar to it in the rest of the season. If there is, I might have to bail unfortunately.
That apart, I liked the rest of the episode. Great to be back with these characters and in this world. The therapist is an excellently intriguing character so far, and seems to be an interesting foil to Ted. Can't wait to see where they go!
... just as long as there are no more dead animals, lol.
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2021.10.20 23:31 HAL0STAAR Half A Darth Maul In A Wall

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2021.10.20 23:31 kiha_1232v2v2 How do i get more master balls?

Not including that one mission cause whats the point of the master ball anymore, then?
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2021.10.20 23:31 cookie__crumble_ affordable but sulit na gaming laptop?

hello! first, ayokong mag-PC kasi balak ko rin talaga bumili ng laptop. kung pagsasamahin mo yung price ng laptop pang-work at gaming PC, para na rin akong bumili ng gaming laptop nun. aaaand, portability talaga hanap ko. nagre-rent lang kasi ako eh. ano-ano ba yung mga laptop na sulit? saka ano specs nila and price?
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2021.10.20 23:31 TheYellowRose Dads are the best!

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2021.10.20 23:31 Lostpathway [Complete] [95k] [Fantasy] The Crippled King --

My first time posting here. I'd really appreciate some beta reading, even if it's just the first page.

Here's a pitch:

The life of a lone dwarven prospector is one of shame, loneliness, and a constant battle for survival. As the third son of a family of third-tier workers, Naen has no hope for inheritance or a bride-price. Striking it rich is the only way to save himself from leaving his bones bleached in the sun without heritage or memory. When he meets a crippled old dwarf-woman with a rich claim, Naen sees his hopes within his grasp and prepares to do the unthinkable. Before he can act, Naen finds the old woman dead and the claim now his. With a priceless stone in hand, he heads back to his home colony.
On the way he encounters a group of indentured servants fleeing from a vengeful master. Naen's dreams are dashed after his gemstone is stolen by their pursuers and the refugees steal his mine claim. Jade, a dwarf-maid and refugee leader, repels Naen’s hopes for love; Jade has her own desires for her future, and they don’t include him. Naen’s most constant companion becomes an impressively strong but mentally “crippled” refugee who silently shadows Naen.
In the face of the brutal wilderness, the refugees need help to survive, and the experienced Naen could give it. Drawn deeper into relationships with the despised refugees during the long mountain winter, Naen grapples with what kind of wealth he really seeks -- and what kind of death. When spring comes, should he leave them to their fate and return to the wilds alone, or should he stay with these outlaw dwarves and face those coming for their lives? Haunted by the memory of an old woman, he will be mocked as the King of the Cripples, and the mockery may just turn into his true heritage as the ragged refugees prepare their mine to withstand the vengeance of dwarven kings.
The Crippled King pays homage to the heritage of dwarves in fantasy literature while bringing them into a world where rugged survival is as important as treasure and fears of life and death can outweigh principles of heritage and honor. Born into an ableist and classist society, Naen finds true wealth by leaving it behind.
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2021.10.20 23:31 Infamous_Shame333 ✨Pale purple haired cutie with a thicc booty..$5 to sub, ⭐️Already top 27% in my 1st month! 300+ pictures, 40+ videos, I post daily, w/ a tip menu available! Only $5 to sub{NO PPV EVER}✨

✨Pale purple haired cutie with a thicc booty..$5 to sub, ⭐️Already top 27% in my 1st month! 300+ pictures, 40+ videos, I post daily, w/ a tip menu available! Only $5 to sub{NO PPV EVER}✨ submitted by Infamous_Shame333 to FloridaGirlsonlyfans [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 23:31 Original-Resort1 96w power adapter with 2021 MacBook Pro 16”?

Does anyone know if Apples 96w charger will at least keep the new 2021 MacBook Pro 16” charged? I know the 140w charger it ships with will fast charge it in 30 mins but I’m sceptical if it will pull 140w when fully charged.
I suppose this question could also apply to any 100w capable thunderbolt dock - will I also need the MagSafe charger plugged in to keep the MacBook Pro fully charged? (I couldn’t find anything online that absolutely confirms or denies this - we might have to wait until these machines start shipping until we get a definitive answer).
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2021.10.20 23:31 lorenf7223 Bilstien shocks

Hey everybody I need to upgrade my suspension on my '03 C5 Z06. Anyone installed the Bilstien shocks ? What is the difference between the HD and B6 models ? Thanks all !
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2021.10.20 23:31 xx_Chl_Chl_xx This is gonna be fun

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2021.10.20 23:31 we3abb0o Being trans is a valid identity!!!

loveislove #BornThisWay #TransRightsAreHumanRights Stop with the bigotry in this community. Stop with this "gender-critical people". We should accept people who are different. Just because you don't understand a group of people doesn't mean you should treat them like shit.
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2021.10.20 23:31 vreminsk My SIC Aries - 2004 model, shy and moody with a bad case of RBF

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2021.10.20 23:31 BigNasty717 Come, take a seat…

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2021.10.20 23:31 TalesByTheCampfire Social Media Kills 🔪

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2021.10.20 23:31 bstrong617 Should I get the 2022 Honda Civic EX-L Hatchback, or the Sport Touring?

Do you think the extra $3,000 is worth it for the Sport Touring Hatchback? Or is the EX-L good enough?
Or, would you not get either, and instead go with EX or Touring Sedan? Really struggling with this decision.
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2021.10.20 23:31 NOHITJEROME Tips of the Week: Save 2 Minutes Getting to the Headless Horseman Event

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2021.10.20 23:31 usernaame001 How can I buy securities on the Taiwan Stock Exchange as an American?

There's this pot stickers place that is my favorite restaurant ever that I still miss to this day and recently heard that they IPOd. Will like to own some shares of that restaurant purely for nostalgic purposes but don't know how to buy securities on the TWSE while I'm living in the US. Any help/advice is appreciated, thanks!
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2021.10.20 23:31 clip_mirror_bot Mizkif's Stream is Haunted

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2021.10.20 23:31 Brin1 What's been your experience going to a bass of a different scale length?

My new bass is a 43" scale length while my last one was 41.25". I'm having a bit of an adjustment period to it. I love the sound of the instrument and know it's a good one that will serve me well but I feel like I'm having to learn to play in tune all over again and it's frustrating. I suppose it will be good for me to go back to basics and shed my scales and arpeggios and frame tuning again with lots of deliberate attention, but, still. How's it been for others and what else can I do in my practice to get used to this thing?
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2021.10.20 23:31 SpiritualGangstaGirl S4:E5, is that blood?

Hey, I know it’s been discussed at nausea but I just noticed after watching the teaser flash forward in S4:E5, “quite a ride”, that there is what looks to be blood on Saul’s desk blotter.
Is this to mean that this is basically right after Jesse beats him up or is that too early in the timeline? Saul doesn’t leave ABQ until later on right?
I’m a little confused 🤔 any help would be most appreciated.
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2021.10.20 23:31 Puzzleheaded-Quiet14 What were the instances that someone probably liked you but you didn't get the hints?

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